Adult Classes and Workshops

Craft and Connect: A gathering for women to create, craft and spend time with each other. This group meets monthly on the 2nd Monday of each month from 6 pm - 8:30 or until we're done. 

August 14: Block Printing Tea Towels - Join us to learn about the timeless tradition of  block printing on fabric. We will  have an opportunity to learn about what makes a good design, carving on lino, inking and various tools and materials. The cost of the class includes  two (2) 100% cotton tea towels, materials to make three different types of blocks, use of tools, inks, fabric swatches to make samples, snacks & beverages.  $25.00

 September 11: Freezer Paper Stenciling on a T-Shirt - Stacy has taught this deceptively easy stencil technique during several kids summer camps. She saw such amazing results that she is now sharing it with us adults. Yay!!  We will make a totally one-of -a-kind design by only tracing and cutting with either scissors or an x-acto knife. We will then learn how to print the design onto a tee-shirt.  You must bring a 100% cotton tee (any color is OK), an x-acto knife and cutting mat if you have it, and a design you would like to transfer. It should be black and white and not too complicated. Doing a google search for (blank) silhouette is a good place to start. $20.00